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MICHELIN PRIMACY SUV+, SUV safety made to last, for you and your loved ones

Enjoy safety made to last with MICHELIN PRIMACY SUV+, keeping you and your loved ones safe in wet and dry conditions, from the first mile to the last.

  • MICHELIN tyre for safety across your SUV driving journey
  • Excellent wet and dry braking performance
  • Enhanced grip, even when worn
  • Great longevity
  • Designed with MICHELIN EverGrip Technologies

Excellent braking performance in rainy conditions

MICHELIN PRIMACY SUV+ delivers excellent wet braking performance thanks to the new generation of MICHELIN EverGrip Technologies. A new rubber compound integrated within the tread pattern design evacuates water effectively for enhanced wet grip. U-shaped grooves and full-depth sipes continue to break through the water film on the road even when worn, so you stay safe on the road.

4w 989 tire michelin primacy suv plus en features and benefits 1 nosignature landscape

Safe driving, whatever the weather

Even on those sunny drives, the MICHELIN PRIMACY SUV+ tyre gives you driving confidence with its outstanding dry braking performance. The chamfer blocks and StabiliGrip sipes of MICHELIN EverGrip Technologies stabilise tread blocks and tyres to enhance handling in dry conditions, so you can drive safe whatever the weather.

4w 989 tire michelin primacy suv plus en features and benefits 2 nosignature landscape

Great longevity for journeys near and far

Whether you're exploring the local sights or setting off on a long adventure, MICHELIN PRIMACY SUV+ has you covered. MaxTouch Construction features the latest tread compound for more even distribution of power, resulting in even treadwear and enhanced longevity, making this tyre the perfect partner for your journeys.

4w 989 tire michelin primacy suv plus en features and benefits 3 nosignature landscape
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5 / 5

Black HAwk

Reviewed by Jeep - December 23, 2022 for a purchase of September 16, 2022

Excellent grip in the wet, quiet and soft ride

  • Dry grip and braking
  • Longevity
  • Wet grip and braking
4 / 5

Great Safe On Road SUV Tyre

Reviewed by Nick - December 20, 2022 for a purchase of September 9, 2022

Reviewing the Michelin Primacy SUV tyre 225/55R18 for our 2019 MY20 Subaru Forester 2.5i-S. Have to say that this is a very quiet and comfortable tyre on road. The feeling I have now compared to the previous generation is definitely an incremental improvement, but not one that I'd write home about. It's just a good daily drive tyre. This is not the sort of tyre for off road travels, as even with the Forester's X-Mode activated, a fair bit of slipping is evident on muddy tracks. However, during normal driving, this is a lovely quiet and comfortable tyre with predictable turn in and good confidence even on wet crappy roads at night. Very little wear evident so far. However, when pushed a little hard around corners, that's when I start to lose confidence in this tyre. But for everyday normal driving, it's a real pleasure to drive on, and very quiet as stated earlier. To be fair, the Michelin Primacy SUV tyre is aimed at comfort/touring, but again to be fair, you would need to upgrade to the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 SUV tyres to compete with the factory Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport tyres. Unfortunately for me, the Michelin PS4 SUV tyres are not available in the 225/55R18 size tyre for the Forester. Would I buy this tyre again? I'm not sure. This is a good tyre though. For normal sensible everyday driving, it excels at. It's quiet, it's comfortable, it handles okay when not pushed too hard. My dilemma is that I am a Michelin fan through and through. I won't put any other tyre brand on my vehicles. If the Michelin PS4 SUV was available in the Forester's tyre size, then yes, I would fit these tyres in a heartbeat! It's a shame they aren't available in this size though. Michelin, please make the Pilot Sport 4 SUV tyre available in the 225/55R18 tyre size for the Subaru Forester!!

  • Dry grip and braking
  • Longevity
  • Wet grip and braking
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