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MICHELIN all-season tyres ranking

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All-Season tyres are hybrid tyres that can be used all-year round. They combine technologies employed for summer and winter tyres to enable them to be used safely in dry, wet or snowy conditions, at any time of the year.

If you are searching for the best all-season tyres for your car, you have come to the right place. Discover MICHELIN best all-season tyres and find out what independent tyre testers say about them.

MICHELIN CrossClimate 2

In 2015, we launched MICHELIN Crossclimate, an all-season tyre certified for winter use that metamorphosed the market by combining the benefits expected of a winter tyre with those of a summer tyre.

In 2021, Michelin took the concept a step further with MICHELIN CrossClimate 2, a new-generation all-season tyre.

The 3PMSF (3 Peak Mountain with Snow Flake) logo on MICHELIN CrossClimate 2’s sidewalls confirms that it can be used in winter, even in countries where winter tyres are mandatory.

5 reasons to choose MICHELIN CrossClimate 2:

  • Leader in braking and traction on snow
  • N°1 in wet and snow performance at the legal wear limit
  • N°1 in dry braking
  • Very long life
  • Low fuel consumption

In 2021, MICHELIN CrossClimate 2 was present on 2 podiums in the most important European tyre tests. It was rated "TEST WINNER" by independent tyre tester TYRE REVIEWS in a comparative test of nine 205/55 R16 all-season tyres.

Congratulations Michelin, the CrossClimate 2 is a brilliant step on. (Tire Reviews - 2021)

MICHELIN CrossClimate +

The MICHELIN CrossClimate+ is Europe's best-selling all-season tyre.

It is designed to offer :

  • Excellent braking on both dry and wet surfaces
  • Certified for winter driving, offering optimum safety and traction on snow
  • Excellent longevity

    MICHELIN CrossClimate+ was present on 11 podiums in the most important European tyre tests.

    In 2021, AUTO ZEITUNG rated it "Highly Recommended":

    “The French tyre convinces objectively and subjectively with strong deceleration, high lateral control and very safe Driving characteristics - no matter whether the asphalt is warm or ice cold”, says AUTO ZEITUNG in conclusion of the comparative test carried out on 9 all-season tyres 205/55 R16.

In 2020, MICHELIN CrossClimate+ was rated "exemplary" by AUTO BILD:

Premium all-season tyres with balanced performance in all weather conditions. Dynamic handling qualities, precise steering, High mileage, Low rolling resistance.

Auto Build's comparative test was carried out on 32 all-season tyres of size 205/55 R16.

In 2019, MICHELIN CrossClimate+ was tested by AUTO BILD with 30 other all-season tyres 225/45 R17 and has been defined as best all-season tyre of the test. AUTO BILD rated it "Exemplary" and "Eco-champion"


The MICHELIN CrossClimate SUV is the SUV version of Europe's best-selling all-season tyre and here is why:

  • High level of safety for SUVs on the road and on the occasional road, in all weather conditions
  • Excellent grip on dry and wet roads
  • Certified for winter driving, ensuring safety and traction on snow (3PMSF)
  • Increased tyre life with performance made to last
  • Reinforced sidewall for better mobility on occasional roads

MICHELIN CrossClimate SUV was present on 3 podiums out of 3 important European tyre tests.

In 2019, MICHELIN CrossClimate SUV won the comparative test carried out by AUTO BILD on 10 all-season tyres of size 235/65 R17:

 Exemplary All Season with stunning qualities on ice and snow, dynamic and sporty behavior on dry handling, Highest safety for aquaplaning and precise steering.

MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate

In 2018, MICHELIN extended its award-winning CrossClimate range to vans and commercial vehicles with MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate that meets their two main requirements:

  • a single tyre compound for year-round mobility in all weather conditions
  • sidewalls that are highly resistant to damage.

The MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate tyre achieves this through a reinforced tread using innovative rubber compounds and reinforced sidewall and shoulder protection and offers:.

  • a long life
  • a low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • a robustness that ensures high resistance to damage and safety in all weather conditions

MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate is ranked best tyre of the AUTO BILD reisemobil All Season test 2022.

Balanced performance in all weather conditions, only Michelin's Agilis CrossClimate receives our ‘Exemplary’ seal of approval.

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