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According to ADAC study, MICHELIN has a competitive advantage on tyre abrasion without compromising on safety

What ADAC study tells us about tyre abrasion

Europe’s largest motoring association, Germany’s ADAC has carried out a comprehensive study to illustrate and evaluate the environmental impact of tyre abrasion on different tyre models in various tyre dimensions. At the same time, an analysis was conducted to determine whether environmentally friendly tyres can also be safe. (1)

Low tyre abrasion and safe driving characteristics: MICHELIN shows how it´s done

Extract from the ADAC report (1):

"The analysis of the abrasion data of almost 100 summer and winter tyre models of different typical tyre sizes shows a clear result:

  • In almost every tyre size, there are tyre models with both low tyre abrasion and safe driving characteristics.
  • The MICHELIN brand stands out in a particularly positive way. In almost every tyre size tested, the MICHELN tyre offers very low tyre abrasion and, at the same time, performs well in the safety-relevant categories."

The full ADAC study is available on the ADAC website.

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(1) Tyre abrasion: Wear and burden on the environment / ADAC e.V. | 81360 München / December 2021

(*) Internal calculation based on 2021 ADAC study, updated on March 2022. For all ranges tested, MICHELIN tyres lose an average of 95g/1000 kms compared to an average of 122,3g/1000kms for the premium competitors tested, i.e. 28% less.

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